Our Staff

What would a church be without the people to do the work of the Lord in and around the building and community.  We are all called to be disciples of Christ to go out and let others know about Him and the salvation He provides.  Here are our named staff members that do just some of that job for Rome First.  When you see them let them know how they are doing if you would like to helpout ask how.



Pastor Brian Lothridge — Senior Pastor

Pastor Lothridge joined the First United Methodist Church of Rome staff July, 2017. He is passionate about worship, music and mission.






Carlton VanOrnum — Pastor Emeritus

Rev ‘Van’ as he is affectionately known has been with Rome First for over ## years.  He and his wife Jean are some of the cornerstones of our Church Family.






Worship Leader



Jeff Evans

‘Just Jeff’ is what you might call the emcee of worship service.  If there is a job to do at the last minute he’s the one to assign it to because it’s hard to catch him off guard.



Lay Leader

Howard Simonin

Ministry Partner in Uganda



Rev. Davis Matovu

Rev Davis along with Pastor Alan Howe and others founded the Nexus Seminary in Uganda to train pastors to send out into the country and Continent to further Gods missions in this world.





Leslie Lewthwaite — Christian Education Director

Leslie has just joined our staff to become our new CE Director.  She and her family are very active in the church and we welcome her to the staff.  More infor to come as well as a picture… 



Barb Seaton — Music Director, Chancel Choir and Bell Choir Director

Barb is one those multitalented individuals who shares her love of music by her performance and her directing of our choirs.  Look for her distinct blouses and sweaters celebrating the different seasons and holidays.





Colleen Pellman — Organist

Many times the only way to know Collen is in service is that the organ is being played.  And she does a spectacular job with it.  Sometimes she is let out of the organ console to play the piano or to lead the praise band.  We are blessed to have her talents supporting us in our worship service.






Karen Yaworski — Financial Secretary

Karen takes care of many of our financial records and she is the one who tracks pledges from our congregation.  If you need any pledge envelopes she is the one to see.  She provides financial statements throughout the year to all that pledge to the church on a regular basis.



Ruth Dietrich — Church Treasurer

Ruth along with the Finance Committee tracks the income and expenses of the church to allow us to stay as close to our budget as possible.  This is a tough job but Ruth is tenacious enough to meet the challenges it provides.



Barbara Smith — Secretary

They say the brains of an organization is the secretary and in the case of Rome First United Methodist Church it is very accurate.  Barb has been with the church for a number of years and knows much, if not all, of what is going on in the church or who to talk to to find out.  She is our GO-TO person to keeping the operations of the church running smoothly.




Steve Hunt — Custodian

Steve is a relative newcomer to Rome First but has given us the talents of a dedicated custodian.  You will see Steve out shoveling snow any morning it is needed, not all year but in Rome you never know.  He also keeps the insides of the church cleaned on a regular basis.  If you see Steve thank him for his work



9 am – 1 pm Tuesday – Friday