Pastor Brians update 6/28/2018

Good afternoon, Rome 1st UMC family,       I hope all is well with you. I ask that you be in prayer for the family and loved ones of Pastor Tom Hast. He was the pastor of Bartlett Baptist and Oneida Baptist churches. He died after being struck by a car earlier this week. He … [Read more…]

Pastor Brians weekly Update

Hello Rome 1st UMC Family,   I hope all is well with you. We will continue in our Love, Grow, Serve series tomorrow by talking about loving your neighbor. What does it look like to love God and neighbor? How does this look like in your life? I hope to see you tomorrow.   Here … [Read more…]

All Are Welcome

The Mission of the First United Methodist Church is: To be a caring body of Christ To teach and encourage one another in Christian love To stimulate spiritual growth within our congregation and the community To spread the word of Christ, To be accountable Practice what we preach To put into one small package we:  … [Read more…]

Help Wanted: Christian Education Director

We are looking for a part-time Christian Education Director. The job description is below: First United Methodist Church of Rome, NY  “Love God, Grow Together, Serve the World” CHILDREN’S CHRISTIAN EDUCATION DIRECTOR JOB DESCRIPTION Updated February 2018 Accountability: The Director shall be under the supervision of the pastor in consultation with the Christian Education Team … [Read more…]