Pastor Brians Weekly Update

Hey All!

We had an exciting time Tuesday with Worship Without Walls. We connected with a lot of people, letting them know that God loves them.

We started the event making sandwiches in our kitchen. We had a great crew – more than I anticipated (thanks to Bob and Nancy Henderson, Sue Bordiuk, Penny Gray, Fred Yerman, and Gwyn Caldwell). We packed up the sandwiches with little oranges into paper bags decorated by our Sunday school kids (they are precious). We loaded up Fred’s truck and headed down to the Neighborhood Center.  

I decided to pull the cart down to the Neighborhood Center from the church. I was thankful for Gwyn’s help as I had misjudged the weight of the cart (my arms still feel a little sore). We met a guy named Austin outside of the BOCES Center at North George and Dominick streets who helped us pull the cart the rest of the way. We rewarded him with a sandwich and some water and told him about our ministry. Austin was the first person Worship Without Walls had an impact on that day.

We set up the cart with our lunch bags, water, and a variety of things that WWW in Utica donated to us: sunglasses, water bottles, Bibles, worry stones, and hygiene kits. Cory Jones, pastor with WWW in Utica, also joined us. We talked with nearly everyone who walked by us. We gave away most of our sandwiches, all of the worry stones, and bit of everything else. Many people encouraged our work. Many people were touched by the love of God we showed to them. A couple of people even volunteered to help us in the future. We also reconnected with a couple of members who haven’t been in the church in a long time! The folks at the Neighborhood Center were welcoming and I look forward to developing a deeper partnership with them.

I look forward to this upcoming Tuesday. We will be back in the kitchen at 11:15 a.m. to make sandwiches before heading off to the Neighborhood Center for our second round. We hope to see you there! We also value your prayers and support.

In other news:

  • We are putting adult Sunday school on hold until September. Attendance has been low for quite some time. We hope to come back with a new program in the fall.

  • Children’s Sunday school will end May 27. We will continue to have nursery care for kids under 4 years old through the summer.  

  • Barb Seaton will lead children and their families together in song Sunday to commemorate the Festival of the Christian Home on the United Methodist calendar.

  • We have upgraded our technology for recording our worship services! After clearing up some communication with Spectrum we purchased a digital camera to replace our old VHS camera. Thank Tom Weiss for working on getting this set up. This gives us much improved picture and sound quality, the ability to easily edit as needed – including adding a watermark on the image with our church name and website address, and the ability to easily upload the service online. The service will be broadcast at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and at 2 p.m. Thursday on Spectrum Cable PEG channel 99, and on our website anytime at

  • SPRC meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday.