Help Wanted: Christian Education Director

We are looking for a part-time Christian Education Director. The job description is below:

First United Methodist Church of Rome, NY 
“Love God, Grow Together, Serve the World”

Updated February 2018

Accountability: The Director shall be under the supervision of the pastor in consultation with the Christian Education Team and the SPPR Committee (Staff, Pastor, Parish Relations)


  • Have faith in Jesus Christ and a passion for Christian Education consistent with the teachings of the United Methodist Church
  • Pass a background check initiated by the pastor and complete Safe Sanctuary certification.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Conduct the Children’s Education Program in a loving and safe environment for all
  • Schedule regular Education Team (teachers & helpers) meetings to plan, encourage and address issues and ideas
  • Supervise the Nursery Worker in line with the Nursery Worker job description
  • Provide a contingency plan to quickly provide aid to Nursery Worker and teachers
  • Develop the curriculum and prepare lesson plans and provide resources as appropriate to a variety of learning styles within the student population 
  • Schedule, train (as needed), work with and supervise the Education Team (teachers & helpers) in implementing the weekly Sunday School program
  • Order and maintain classroom supplies in keeping with the church budget
  • Establish and oversee a youth group
  • Develop special events, such as Children’s Day, Rally Day, Christmas Program, Youth Group, and Jr. Church
  • Participate in community outreach such as special seasonal events and VBS 
  • Maintain current registration and attendance records of all Sunday School participants as required by the Annual Conference 
  • Be regularly available on Sunday mornings for worship and staff and student support
  • Support the pastor occasionally in worship service as requested
  • Continue the distribution of Bibles to graduating third graders
  • Work with the pastor to establish Confirmation classes and in honoring high school graduates 
  • Support the Camping Ministry projects


  • Ensure that teachers and volunteers complete Safe Sanctuary Training within six months
  • Implement those guidelines in the program
  • Ensure that legal documents, such as permission packets for field trips, are used and that attendance sheets are signed by a parent or other authorized person
  • Ensure all Youth Group activities are supervised


  • Communicate regularly with the church family and parents via the church monthly newsletter, website, church bulletins, and/or flyers as appropriate
  • Communicate regularly with pastor and/or SPPRC with any questions, concerns or suggestions
    Participate in an annual review and evaluation via Staff Survey with the SPPRC and Pastor

Hours of Employment

  • Weekly average of 10 hours, including Sunday morning leadership and worship

Compensation: To be determined on an annual basis