Lay Leaders Line Feb 2018

I chose the title of the column for a couple of reasons. First I love to go fishing, and as everyone knows fishermen have the best lines going. And I plan to keep thetradition going.

Secondly and the more important reason is that Jesus asked some fishermen to follow him and become “fishers of men”. These men weren’t members of the religious leaders. They were ordinary people like you and me. I consider them as the original Lay Leaders. The followed Jesus’ spiritual guidance just as we have our clergy, Les, to provide us with spiritual guidance. Why you may ask did I refer to ‘us’ when I’m talking about lay leaders? Well whether you have thought about it or not Jesus has empowered us ALLto be lay leaders. We may just need to be a leader in a manner that we can effectively share the word and love of god with others. For some of us that means standing upin front of a congregation to assist with the worship service. For others that may mean being a comittee chairperson to help with the various programs in the church. While others perform volunteer work at camp, or the Welcome Hall or any of a number of programs.
My overall point is that we have been called by Christ to share the word with others and that through our ‘leadership’ we will bring other people to Christ. So take any opportunity to throw someone a line ‘hook’ them for Jesus and join me in being the ultimate fishermen.

‘Once you got them hooked all you have to do is reel them in.’

With the faith of a fisherman.